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Silver Eagle Manufacturing has manufactured high quality, stainless steel pressure cleaning equipment since 1983.

Since it's inception the Silver Eagle cleaning system has been renowned for it's innovative design and unequaled reliability. Our streamlined manufacturing process is designed to reduce the unit's complexity and therefore reduce down time from component failure. Our revolutionary Phoenix Propane Burner is solid-state lit and controlled. With only one moving part, it reduces burner related down time dramatically. Our Phoenix Propane System has been approved by the Texas Railroad Commission, which is the governing body in Texas in respect to safety of L.P. gas equipment.

We manufacture all types of pressure washers, including:

  • High Pressure Washers (cold water)
  • Hot High Pressure Washers
  • Steam Cleaners
  • Hot Water Generators
  • Whirlybird Surface Cleaners
  • Explosion Proof High Pressure Washers (Hot or Cold)
  • Hazardous Location Hot Water Generators
  • Drivers include; diesel engine, gasoline engine, electric motor, PTO, and Hydraulic Power.
  • Heating systems may be propane (LP) fired, diesel fired, or natural gas (NG) fired.

    Heating coil is either schedule 80 or schedule 160 pipe. NO TUBING. We also offer stainless steel coils as an option.

    A triplex pump is standard on all equipment, and includes a 5 year pump warranty.

    Our all stainless steel frames are built in 2 configurations, the larger Silver Eagle, and the smaller Silver Falcon. The Silver Hawke is our all stainless steel frame designed for super harsh environments such as offshore.

    We strive to maintain excellence in our manufacturing process. However, we reserve the right to make changes and modifications, including substitutions of similar components, as we deem necessary. Silver Eagle's main purpose is to give unequaled service before, during, and after the sale. Contact us today!


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